My Story

Thank you very much for visiting my store. Every time you buy one of my Make America Dream Again® products, you are supporting my scholarship at Stetson University College of Law, a very special place in my heart.


My Story

At barely 18 years old, I left a family in Lebanon and head to the United States to pursue my dream of becoming an international lawyer. The journey was long, full of tears, separation, and struggle. I survived and reached my dream because of the great people at Stetson University who believed in me and supported my dream.

Let me tell you, I was ready to give on my dream MANY times. I packed my things several times to go back to Lebanon; the only thing that kept me going is scholarships from Stetson. I am now a proud graduate of Stetson University, and I work every day to support the institution that supported me for almost two decades.

Why Should You Buy My Products? 

Every single penny I make from sales through this website goes to support my scholarship at Stetson University. I do not keep any money. Make America Dream Again® is not a political slogan, it is the embodiment of the American Dream I have lived. It is something that I practice every single day. Although the American Dream is a marathon, and you never fully achieve it without hard work, I am trying to make someone else’s America Dream a reality.

Why Stetson?

The video pretty much sums up the reasons for this site. However, if you are not convinced, Stetson is truly a family. Stetson is highly rated nationally, especially the law school. The law school has been a national leader in advocacy for more than 2 decades. They are rated No. 1 in advocacy and win national trial advocacy competitions every year. I am living proof of the training our graduates receive. I was on Stetson’s nationally ranked Moot Court Board where I won competitions. Stetson, in addition to being my family, is a great institution. Making someone else’s dream reality is now my lifelong pursuit. You can play a great part by buying my products.

What Can You Buy at the Make America Dream Again® Shop?

We have great Make America Dream Again® products, including:

Make America Dream Again® trucker caps  in white and red

Make America Dream Again® shirts

Make America Dream Again® baby suits

Make America Dream Again® bags

Thank you again for visiting my site. Please contact me if you have any questions.



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